Last “Delicados”


This one was my last “Delicados” packet and its little lighter. Sorry about the light and the out-of-focus subject.

I quit smoking without any help than my own decision. It was a sad moment when decided it, but healthy they say… it is not so hard to do it anyway. Zas!

My story as a smoker begun with a stolen Dunhill’s packet. I took it from a store where I used to serve in the late 90’s while I was a high school student. My mama have found that first packet in my backpack and then we talked about it. She decided to respect the new habit of his “strange” son (a few days later she would know he’d write mad verses and experimental rock songs too).

My smoker path was crossed by marlboros, camels, luckies, alitas, and filtered delicados, the last one was the cheapest and the best tasting brand of all of them. When I started, these ones were considered a bad recommendation —really don’t know how to explain it— but now, when the price of the cigarretes is excessively expensive, the Delicados turned to be one of the better choices for desperate people like me.

I’m a healthy person, so, why i preferred to quit?, really don’t know. I really like to smoke, I think it becomes a nice touch in a person who knows that is better to be quiet when there are nothing to say, but in the meantime, I feel happy to be a man of my word.

Ciao, my last Delicados, a nice companion.

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