About antisemitism/Galliano

La complicación de un ligero malentendido. 550*700. Illustrator. 2006 Alright, the horrible things made to Jews in the WWII are unforgettable in this days still, but, whats that characteristic thing that turns jews “more vulnerable” than other races?

I mean, if galliano would say “latin” or “caucasian”, you know, he would be fired still? Doesn’t is this complacent behavior more racist than the “jew adjetive” itself? Let’s see first how jews talk about discrimination, they stop to mention “Racism and Anti-semitism”, sitting a kind of difference between race and semitism.

This action could be a good move if the bold case is to preserve respect between races, but, if the thing is just to remark a sort of “jewish power”, the whole thing about racism will be just a big simulation of mercy and money causes for false defenders.

Dior is making money with this move, even if they don’t wanted it to do.


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